• Can you use your soap all over your body including your face?
Yes our soaps are gentle enough to use as a face wash as well as an all     over body wash. 

  • How can I make my soap last longer?
As we don't use any chemicals to harden our soaps when you are finished using them it best to keep them out of water to let them dry in-between use. 
  • Do your soaps contain any Palm oil?  
With our love of Orangutang's and the indescribable destruction of their habitat from the farming of Palm oil we Do Not use any Palm oil in any of our products. 
  • Do your soap contain any animal fats?
Ours soaps only contain vegetable oils,  we don't use any animal fats in any of our products, only Goats milk in our Goats milk soap. All our products are vegetarian friendly and some are vegan friendly. Please read the ingredients lists prior to purchase. 
  • Are all your ingredients that you use in your products displayed? 
Yes, we are 100% transparent with all our ingredients. We have listed them all for each product in the ingredients section on each page. 
  • Do you use plastic to wrap your products? 
We are a plastic free company. If a product comes wrapped in a plastic like material rest sure these are not plastic but a materials that is 100% compostable in your home compost bin made from either corn or sugar.